CBI criticises plans to extend parental rights

CBI has criticised Government plans announced yesterday to further extend
rights for working parents.

is unhappy that the proposals come before a batch of new entitlements for
working parents, to be introduced in April, have even come into effect. It
claims they are being made at time when a weakened economy means many companies
could least afford the extra burden.                

joint Treasury and DTI document Balancing Working and Family Life proposes
extending paid paternity leave beyond the two weeks due to be introduced in

Cridland, CBI deputy director-general, said: "At a time when many
businesses are fighting a daily battle to remain competitive, the last things
they need are additional cost and administrative burdens.

cannot simply go on absorbing the extra costs. The Government must recognise
the effect of ever-more employment legislation is to damage businesses and
destroy jobs."             

CBI is particularly concerned that the Government is considering extending
parental leave before the new package of parental rights is introduced in

said: "Time should be allowed to see what effect the forthcoming
legislation has before any more rights are introduced. 

now is premature and at odds with the commitment the Government has already
given to review the situation in three years’ time."

By Ben Willmott                            

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