CBI disappointed at European ruling on holiday entitlement

The CBI has reacted angrily to today’s EU ruling on annual
leave for short-term workers.

“The CBI is disappointed with the ruling – employers believe
it is reasonable to have a qualification period before employees become
entitled to holiday pay. This is a common practice in many EU states including,
Germany, Belgium and Greece,” said Susan Anderson, CBI’s director of human resources

She added, “The ruling will be an inconvenience for
employers and employees. Employers who employ people on short contracts of
three or four weeks will want staff available to work the whole duration of the

“Planning for holidays will cause disruption and
inconvenience. Employers often pay a premium for this flexibility and many
employees prefer having extra pay in lieu of holidays. Now they will not always
have the option.”

Anderson claims that businesses that will most likely be
affected will be those employing large numbers of seasonal workers, for example
in agriculture, hotels, catering and tourism.

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