Change of tack required to find learning leaders

A new approach to leadership is needed if the UK is to develop leaders
capable of transforming learning sector organisations.

Lynne Sedgmore, chief executive of the new Centre for Excellence in
Leadership, and speaking at its first annual conference in Birmingham, called
for a radical change in the perception of what it takes to create new
generations of leaders, including improving diversity and ensuring a high level
of customer satisfaction.

The Centre for Excellence in Leadership, a partnership between the Learning
and Skills Development Agency and Lancaster University Management School, was
launched in October last year. It is the organisation charged with developing
leaders in further education, adult education and training.

It concentrates on helping leaders and potential leaders to develop and
improve their skills, and to fit individual situations, rather than adopting a
‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

Also speaking at the conference, Jane Williams, director of teaching and
learning at the Department for Education and Skills, said the centre’s role was
important. "The leaders in our sector will shape the performance of the UK
economy in 10 or 20 years time," she said.

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