Charities benefit as more firms back payroll-giving

is starting to gain momentum, according to its promotional charity.

the Caring claims the money donated by staff for good causes increased by 44
per cent last year.

figures reveal a 13 per cent rise in the number of employees joining
payroll-giving schemes. The donations are tax-efficient and currently benefit
from a 10 per cent government supplement.

through payroll-giving are deducted before tax, so a gift of £10 per month
costs donors £7.80 but is worth £11 to charities.

Barrett, head of HR at the Body Shop, said, “Employers have a vital role to
play in spreading the message about the opportunities for tax-efficient giving
through the payroll.

not only helps our staff support their favourite charities, it encourages
corporate involvement in the communities where we work.”

received £33.7m through payroll-giving in 2000 compared with £23.4m in 1999.

average number of people donating grew from 392,950 in 1999 to 445,722 in 2000.

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