CIPD calls for an end to classroom-based learning at work

top-down, fact-dominated, mechanistic approach to learning will no longer
produce what is needed in today’s organisations, according to the Chartered
Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

research, ‘Helping People Learn: Strategies for moving from training to
learning’, concludes that the dominance of the classroom-based training course
in workplace learning is no longer appropriate for a global economy. Change
happens so quickly that it makes classroom-based, fact-dominated learning quickly
obsolete, said the CIPD.

Martyn Sloman, learning, training and development adviser
at the CIPD, said employers had to persuade, incentivise, encourage and support staff until they
want to learn by creating a culture of continuous development.

can train someone to use a piece of equipment, or to adhere to a dress code,”
he said. “But if you want them to understand and respond to the changing needs
of your customers, and to help you to improve processes, they have to want to learn and to share learning with others.”

By Michael Millar

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