CIPD chief to lead World Federation of Personnel Management

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’s (CIPD) director-general,
Geoff Armstrong, will become president of the World Federation of Personnel
Management Association (WFPMA) at the Human Resources Management World Congress
in Brazil on Monday.

WFPMA is a global network of professionals in people management and was founded
in 1976 to aid development and improve the effectiveness of professional people
management across the world.

is made up of more than 60 national associations across five continents,
representing more than 400,000 HR professionals between them.

congress will bring together a selection of HR professionals from across the
globe to discuss more than 60 personnel management themes for the 21st century.

said: "Around the world, globalisation is affecting the way we work, in
both developed and developing economies. 
People, more than ever before, are the differentiators between business
success and business failure.  

management and the HR profession are critical drivers of value and success in
this new world,” he said. “As organisations seek competitive advantage in a
world where borders are less and less important, people management
professionals face major challenges, and welcome opportunities to deliver
strategic advantage.”

By Michael Millar

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