CIPD offers advice on coaching

is the fastest growing training technique, but businesses should beware of
cowboy operators who are inexperienced, have little training and lack the
appropriate skills, according to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and
Development (CIPD).

lack of agreed sets of standards, ethics and qualifications in the coaching
industry is partly to blame for this, the CIPD said.

CIPD has created a free guide, which offers organisations advice on when to use
a coach, how to choose the right coach and how to manage their services for
maximum business impact.

Jarvis, CIPD learning, training and development adviser, said coaching could be
an effective way of promoting real learning, rather than tick-box training.

coaching to be a success, organisations should make sure the coach is suitable
for the individual’s and business’ needs, setting clear expectations to enable
monitoring and evaluation of effectiveness,” she said.

need to take control of coaching activities and exert pressure over minimum
expected standards, qualifications and outcomes.”

your copy of the coaching and buying coaching services guide, go to:

By Michael Millar

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