CIPD seeks power for members to use ‘chartered’ title

Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) members have voted to apply for
individual chartered status.

its Extraordinary General Meeting in London yesterday (Wednesday, 4 June) , the
members of the CIPD voted overwhelmingly in favour of making a formal
application to the Privy Council to give the institute power to permit all its
full members to use the title “chartered”.

45 per cent of full members of the institute participated in the vote, with
98.8 per cent of them voting in favour.

director general Geoff Armstrong said: “In July 2000 we received our Royal
Charter in recognition of our contribution to the field of people management.
At that time we made an important promise – to seek approval to award
individual chartered title when the time was right.

title ‘chartered’ will confirm to employers that they are employing a
knowledgeable people management professional, who understands the wider
business context and who is committed to continuing professional development.”

formal letter has now been sent to the Privy Council seeking approval to change
the CIPD’s byelaws. Assuming approval, the CIPD expects that all existing full
members and those who become full members after October 1 this year, will be
able to call themselves chartered from this date.

By Quentin Reade

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