Code of conduct created for local authority staff

authority employees are to be bound by a statutory code of conduct.

new government proposals, council staff will be under a duty to behave
professionally and treat others with respect.

covered by the proposed code are standards, proper stewardship of public money,
political neutrality, openness, conflict of interests, fairness in the
appointment of staff, and declaration of hospitality and gifts.

addition, when staff blow the
whistle on bad practices, the code will give them further protection from
victimisation. The planned code closely mirrors the existing one for

government employers’ organisation (EO) executive director, Rob Pinkham, said: “What the proposed
code is seeking to establish, along with the councillors’ code, is a common
core of fundamental values to underpin standards of conduct in local

are being asked to respond to the proposals by 19 November. The EO is
co-ordinating a local government response to the proposals. The consultation papers are available to view or download at

By Quentin Reade



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