Companies struggling to attract scientists

Eight out
of ten scientific companies are struggling to recruit staff and a fifth have
retention problems, according to research.

research, called The Salary Survey of Science-based Industries, shows that
competition for staff with other organisations is the most serious problem that
scientific companies are facing.

Science Recruitment Group’s research does show that salary and benefits have
improved in the sector and are helping with retention.

and vice presidents of science-based firms earn on average nearly £113,000 a
year, while associate directors get paid on average over £65,000 a year.

managers receive £57,000 a year, and group and team leaders earn  £45,000 and £36,000 a year respectively.

Methold, managing director of SRG, said, “One of the biggest challenges facing
the scientific sector today is the ability to attract and retain employees
rather than losing them to other apparently more attractive industries, for
example IT, or to work overseas.

science sector still holds a certain amount of stigma regarding salary levels
but once employed, our scientists can and do stay working within the UK science
industry and their salaries are now reflecting their talents and specialist

The survey polled nearly 2,200 scientific staff
from 14 UK-based companies.

By Paul Nelson

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