Compensation for bias jumps by two-thirds

Sex, race and disability discrimination cases cost employers £2.6m last year as payouts for unlawful bias cases rose by a third. And the average compensation by employment tribunals to victims of race discrimination jumped by two-thirds to £9,948.

The figures were revealed last week in the annual survey of compensation awards in the Industrial Relations Survey’s Equal Opportunities Review.

The average award for sex discrimination was also up by 5 per cent to £7,208 and staff suffering disability discrimination typically received £9,981.

Awards for injury to feelings were highest in cases of race discrimination (£5,927) – 40 per cent more than the average sex discrimination cases (£3,787) and 46 per cent more than in cases of disability discrimination (£3,635).

Tribunals awarded compensation in 313 discrimination cases – including 201 cases of sex discrimination and 36 of disability discrimination.

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