Conference wins commitment of the Prime Minister

from the conference

ensure greater safety for frontline workers in retailing, transport, and the
services, those who work to help others, and who face the constant daily threat
of violence and anti-social behaviour. Finally, building on Barbara Castle’s
Equal Pay Act, Margaret Prosser’s Women and Work Commission will enable us to
ensure that, in our generation, we close the gap in pay opportunity between men
and women at the workplace."

Tony Blair, Prime Minister, in his opening
address to the TUC Congress

need to make sure bosses look after their road and rail vehicles as well as
they look after their company cars, or face the prospect of prison."

Bob Crow, RMT general secretary, calling for
corporate manslaughter legislation to be included in the next Queen’s Speech

that the NHS is awash with pen-pushers is
not only misleading the public, it is damaging the morale of hard-working
staff. It is time to end the bureaucrat bashing and to look at the real people
whose jobs make a real difference to patients."

Dr Gill Morgan, NHS Confederation CEO, on
the Unison report that 84 per cent of NHS staff are directly involved in patient care

have been made redundant up to four times and, for them, it is agony. Offshoring (to India)
is not about helping India
to develop, it is about companies making money."

Elizabeth Donnelly, Amicus representative on
offshoring to
India at a Fabian
Society meeting




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