Conservatives pledge to fund 100,000 apprenticeships every year if elected

The Conservative Party has promised 100,000 new apprenticeships per year if it gets into power.

At its annual conference in Birmingham this week, it published a document pledging to create a “broad-based, dynamic economy that can withstand global shocks”.

The paper, Plan for a Strong Economy, said radical reforms were needed to help the UK cope with the current economic turmoil and similar crises in the future.

It promised “bottom-up reform of our education, skills and welfare systems to deliver the skills that Britain needs”.

On schools, the document said: “We will break open the monopoly of state-provided education… to provide more good school places.”

On skills, it added: “We will no longer allow people to languish on a state-provided skills scheme that gives them no useful skills. Instead, we will ensure that all apprenticeships are real apprenticeships with actual employers, and fund 100,000 new apprenticeships every year.”

And on the welfare system, the report said: “We will no longer allow people who could be working to languish on benefits. Instead, we will ensure that everyone who can work, will work. A new system of payment by results will give people the skills that will help them not only get a job but stay in the job and progress in the labour market.”

Skills secretary John Denham insisted at the Labour Party Conference earlier this month that apprenticeships would be available to one in five young people in England within a decade.

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