Consignia wins award for e-learning

Today Awards 2001: The winner of the easycando award for e-learning was the
e-learning team from Consignia. E-learning services manager Nigel Marsh

they did

no viable environment for the delivery of online learning in December 2000, Consignia
implemented an externally hosted e-learning portal and learning management
system capable of delivering content to learners via any Internet-enabled
computer. The LMS is integrated with HR systems for the maintenance of records
and has capacity beyond Consignia’s own workforce.

system was deployed across all 31 business units through the work of a
cross-functional group of training, IS strategy and purchasing professionals.
In a break from the usual method of introducing such initiatives, the team
immediately set up a number of foundation projects to introduce the basic
e-learning system rather than running time-consuming pilot projects.

they did it

variety of drivers made it necessary for Consignia to find new ways to deliver
training to staff at all levels. The company has to meet on-going training
commitments while supporting business change initiatives group-wide.

and achievements

solution has the potential to impact on the development of employees,
suppliers, customers and partners.

scale of this project is a significant achievement," says Nigel Marsh,
e-learning management services manager, "The use of external partners in
creating the system has also changed the philosophy of resourcing training
services within the company."

July 2001 Consignia sought to upgrade 44,000 business PCs and deploy a standard
set of software. To support this, the e-learning system provided the equivalent
of 29 days of upwards of £4.4m and take up to three years to complete.

they won

having a viable online environment in place did not put this team off
developing online training for all levels of its business.
E-learning is now used by all 31 business units – a major achievement in such a
diverse operation."
Judge: Paul McKinlay, head of people management


Learning and development team

has been developed and implemented as an innovative way to deliver new
financial regulatory and compliance courses to all employees.

smart move to get their COO onboard as an "e-learning talent" has
helped to drive this throughout the business.

Group training department

Equitable’s commitment to e-learning has been endorsed with them being awarded
the British Association of Open Learning’s Materials Development accreditation.

training has effected a significant change in the development and retention of
staff as well as being used to enhance its induction and recruitment processes.

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