Consignia’s deal with CWU safeguards Christmas post

Consignia has signed a three-month no-strike deal with the Communication
Workers’ Union in an effort to ensure that this year’s Christmas post escapes
industrial action.

Under the agreement, which expires on 12 January, the Royal Mail, which is
owned by Consignia, will not implement any changes in working practices at
local level.

The deal is geared towards achieving the lengthy strike-free period that was
one of the recommendations in Lord Sawyer’s report on industrial relations
between the Royal Mail and the CWU, published in July.

Mick Linsell, managing director of the Royal Mail, believes the agreement is
a step towards ensuring better working relations.

John Keggie, deputy general secretary of the CWU, added, "Members want
to play a full role in creating a long-lasting period of industrial

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