Council defends ‘spaced-out’ training day

A Welsh council that dared to go where no other local authority has gone
before has defended spending £5,000 on a Star Trek-themed training day.

Two hundred senior managers from Rhondda Cynon Taf council in South Wales
took part in the ‘Starship Endeavour’ training day. Workshops included ‘It’s a
library Jim, but not as we know it’ and ‘It’s time to break the prime
directive, Jean-Luc’.

County borough HR officer, Tony Wilkins, defended the council’s leadership
day, and said the council’s techniques are innovative.

"The tragedy is that a serious management programme is being kicked
around to score political points," he said.

The council came under fire in the local media after opposition Labour
councillors accused the organisers of wasting money.

Labour councillor Robert Bevan said: "This is council mismanagement on
a galactic scale.

"The nationalists are desperate to ‘Klingon’ to power, but they are
likely to be kicked out at warp speed once news of this has been beamed to the
voters. This is just further proof of the nationalists’ warped

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