Council introduces fines for grammatical errors

local council plans to fine workers £1 every time they misuse an apostrophe.

City Council bosses want to introduce an apostrophe ‘swear box’ and say any
cash received from its 14,000 employees will go to charity.

to the Daily Mail, council leader Graham Chapman is ‘disgusted by the decline
of the nation’s grammar’.

has said he won’t authorise any documents that contain mistakes.

just don’t understand how to use the apostrophe any more," he said.

has not been taught in schools for a long time but thankfully it’s now coming

added: "I went to a drinks reception last night and the sign read,
‘Drink’s Reception’, which means a reception for a drink. You can’t respect
people who mess things up like that."

Richards, founder of the Apostrophe Protection Society, said he’s
"overwhelmed" at the council’s stance.

By Ross Wigham

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