Council staff find a better balance with shift work

A new work-life balance scheme has helped a city council improve its service
to the public, while extending choice and flexibility for employees.

Newcastle City Council has just expanded its flexible working scheme by
removing the core hours where employees must be present. This means that staff
on the flexi-time scheme can now clock in and out between 7am and 7pm.

As a result, the working day has been spread over a 12-hour shift, with
out-of-hours appointments accommodated as part of the extended working day, and
employees agreeing their work patterns accordingly.

Business development and transformation manager, Kath Moore, said the
council made the changes in response to the growing customer demand for more
flexible maintenance and repairs to housing stock.

"Our business is about putting customers at the centre of service
delivery and valuing our staff. The new flexible arrangements support both
these objectives," she said.

Next month, the council will also offer compressed working where staff can
do five days’ work in four days.

The introduction of emergency flexi-leave of up to five days is also being

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