Countries join forces to fight problem of e-mail spam

minister Stephen Timms has announced an international deal has been struck
between the UK, the US and Australia to tackle e-mail spam.

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aims to deal with the problem of unsolicited
e-mails, which costs companies millions in lost productivity.

said:  "With most spam coming from
outside the UK, this deal forges our individual initiatives together and puts
the fight against spam on a global footing.”

not going to solve spam overnight but it is going to help,” he said. “It
reinforces our determination to tackle spam with a combination of government
and industry initiatives, technical solutions, and user awareness.”

will mean for the first time that:

enforcement authorities in the UK, the US and Australia will work together to
investigate spammers in those countries

enforcement authorities across all three countries will take part in joint
training initiatives to combat spam

international solutions and strengthening capabilities will be developed to
trace and convict spammers

cross-border enforcement against spammers will take effect.

By Michael Millar

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