Croner gives footie absence the red card

should not accept staff ‘pulling sickies’ as a necessary evil of Euro 2004, and
should take firm action if it occurs, according to Croner HR consultants.

Smith, HR expert at Croner Consulting, said skiving was a serious offence
worthy of disciplinary action or even dismissal, but that there were ways for employers
to minimise the problem.

should remind staff of the company policy on absenteeism and stress, and that
skiving will not be tolerated,” he said. “Explain it is understandable that
they may wish to celebrate the football season, but they should not let it
interfere with their job."

he warned that even if an employer suspected a worker was skiving, they should
not take disciplinary action until they have investigated the problem and are
certain the absence was not genuine.

reduce absenteeism in the workplace, Croner recommends employers take the
following steps:

Take a serious approach to absenteeism. Closely monitor absence levels of all

Make the employee aware that their absence has been noted. Consider arranging a
meeting to determine whether they have any health problems affecting their
work, or to catch up on work they have missed

Take disciplinary action if an employee is found to be taking sick days that
are not genuine.

Michael Millar

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