Culture Club is cut-price route to the right mix

Creating a culture of inclusion in the workplace costs next to nothing to
implement, according to the HR director at Kingston Technology Iona Elliott.

Elliott explained that the company has a European workforce of 171,
including people from 33 nationalities, speaking 20 different languages.

Kingston Technology, which makes computer memory modules for electronic
products, runs a series of, on the face of it, fairly simply schemes to develop
employee involvement and promote diversity.

A ‘Culture Club’ is run each month to celebrate different days, such as St
Patrick’s Day, Bastille Day and the unification of Germany.

Staff from the relevant country have the opportunity to teach others about
their culture, and the food in the canteen is based on that nation’s food.

Company sporting events also incorporate the different cultures and Kingston
has just finished running a Chinese Chess competition.

"Two of our Chinese workers suggested it," Elliott said. "If
people propose something then those people have to run it, but we will help

"The two guys went to Soho, picked up boards and ran the whole
tournament. The HR department promoted it and provided prizes," she said.

Elliott said the benefits of such events are clear to see and she believes
they create a highly motivated workforce

"After the events there is a buzz around the place," she said.
"Sport is one of the best involvement tools you can use. It costs next to

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