Cummins eases pain of slowdown in economy

Engine manufacturer Cummins claims that its new Employee Assistance
Programme has helped staff adjust to the slowdown in the economy.

The company has had to restructure and make redundancies due to the decline
in demand in the heavy-duty truck market and a slowing in the US economy in the
past 12 months.

The EAP is providing staff with support, said Jose Pottinger, HR director of
the worldwide power generation business.

She said, "Employees are feeling uncertain and apprehensive. Having
mechanisms in place to help is an important contribution in maintaining an
environment where they can be productive."

Launched in January, the EAP offers confidential, professional pre-paid
counselling to staff to overcome problems including stress, alcohol or drug
issues and marital difficulties.

The free service provided by Personal Performance Consultants is open to all
staff and their families and can be contacted at any time by telephone.

In June, the company reported that it would be shedding 500 jobs in the US.

About 100 administrative jobs are being lost from its 4,500 UK staff.

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