CWU calls for stamps price hike to save Post Office jobs

Workers’ Union general secretary Billy Hayes has called for a 1p rise in the
price of a stamp to save postal jobs.

has cut 15,000 jobs as part of a three-year programme to save £1.2 billion, and
admits that up to 45,000 jobs could go.

postal unions say they will considering strike action if the company seeks to
cut staff numbers through compulsory redundancies.

can be saved within the industry if a price rise was agreed today," said
Hayes. "The Government can no longer have the postal service on the cheap.
Any attempt by the Post Office or the Government to force through redundancies
will be resisted by strike action."

chairman Alan Leighton said severe action is needed to stop the company losing
£1.5 million a day.

suggest the company is already considering approaching industry regulator
PostComm to ask for a hike in stamp prices to order to help save its finances.

stamps had gone up in line with inflation over the last five years, prices
would now be 8 per cent higher, and Consignia would be earning £400-500 million
more each year.

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