David Cameron’s new vision for the Conservatives has HR focus

Conservative party leader David Cameron has unveiled a document outlining what he believes his party should stand for and there are a number of policies to interest HR professionals.

The Built to Last document sets out more than 50 policy proposals in eight areas, including reducing means testing and restoring the incentive to save for a pension, paid for by raising the retirement age.

It calls for measures to recognise the role played by voluntary carers, “without whom local social services would be wholly incapable of meeting the needs of the disabled and the chronically ill”.

A Tory government would enable people to achieve a better work/life balance, setting an example by making the public sector a world leader in flexible working, the document says.

It would also support families and marriage, by “making high quality childcare more available and more affordable”.

Meanwhile, the NHS would be given an overhaul, with more responsibility handed to health professionals “ending the culture of top-down centralisation”.

Built to Last has been changed from the initial document unveiled in February, after Tory activists said they would “like to know more about what direction this would actually take a Conservative government in”.

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