Delivering a resounding message to government

Yesterday, Personnel Today presented the Department of Trade and Industry with the HR profession’s response to the draft consultation on Operating and Financial Reviews.

In just three weeks, more than 400 HR practitioners signed up to our petition calling on the government to include more meaningful people data in annual company reports. As they stand, the regulations are going to water down such measures.

This is an incredible response in such a short timescale and a telling sign of the importance of this issue to HR. More importantly, the profession has seized the chance to get its voice heard and to influence its future. This is something we should all feel proud of.

And the support hasn’t stopped with the profession. Industry bodies, such as the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and the Chartered Management Institute, as well as the TUC, have backed the need for linking people reporting to business strategy.

The hope now is that the government takes stock of the petition and all the comments that we have passed on. The Department of Trade and industry surely cannot ignore such a response from so many organisations, big and small.

A complex issue for HR
Government plans to ban members of the British National Party and other far right groups from working in the Civil Service raise complex issues for the profession.

If an employee is a member of a legitimate political party that espouses extreme right-wing beliefs, where do they fit into an organisation that has a diverse workforce and customer base? On the other hand, if they leave their beliefs at the door when they come to work, what right does the employer have to discriminate against them?

This is an issue which pitches the rights of the individual against the needs of the organisation. It is an issue where personal and professional beliefs, morals and political and legal issues all collide.

Personnel Today would like to know your views on the issue as discussion can only lead to extending our knowledge and learning. Let us know what you think.

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