Delivering HR strategy

This week, Personnel Today launches a major new series on
Delivering HR Strategy. We will provide practitioners with all the information
and guidance they need over the coming weeks to transform the role of HR within
their organisations.

While there has been a lot of talk about strategy, most of it hinders rather
than enables HR. We will cut through the corporate-speak and provide HR
professionals with accessible explanations of the ideas and techniques

Personnel Today will also provide you with practical advice on how to
develop and deliver effective HR strategy.

Why is this important? We are all competing in a knowledge-driven economy,
and people have become vital for organisational success. HR not only has to
recruit and retain the best people, it has to measure, deploy and develop this
talent in accordance with the demands of its organisation’s business strategy.

This requires an effective HR strategy – a planned combination of HR actions
that support the business aims, and deliver competitive advantage.

To achieve it, HR has to be central to the organisation and respected by the
board. Its practitioners will need to understand the business and its goals, be
involved in decision-making and raise awareness of their people-related impact.

So, what will the forthcoming editorials in Personnel Today cover that will
help practitioners deliver HR strategy?

Our series Delivering HR Strategy opens with groundbreaking research on the
measurement of human capital. Many organisations are trying to understand and
quantify the value of their people so that they can better invest in, and
develop them.

Our joint research with Deloitte & Touche, which will run over two
issues, shows how leading firms are trying to tackle the issues and challenges
they encounter.

Next month, we will run in-depth coverage on the academic rise of HR
strategy, a guide to its leading thinkers, and a questionnaire that allows you
to assess whether your HR team is providing a strategic role.

We will then run a series of features that will provide advice and guidance
on how HR can start to become more strategic, and offer a more value-added role
within your organisation.

Delivering HR Strategy provides an enormous challenge for HR but also a huge
opportunity. Personnel Today will help the profession to achieve it.

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