Disability body taken to court over discrimination

Disability Rights Commission (DRC) is being accused of discriminating against a
former employee – partly because of his disability.

Sindall, who had worked at
the DRC for 18 months, has taken his former employer to an employment tribunal
citing disability and sex discrimination as well as constructive dismissal.

claims he was forced to resign in March after he was accused of sexually
assaulting a female colleague at a Christmas party. Sindall claims he was demoted, despite no charges
being brought against him.

also alleges that, at previous hearings into his case, he was not provided with
a professional notetaker
despite being profoundly deaf and therefore did not know what was being said.

addition, Sindall claims he
was treated less favourably because he is a man and that his demotion made it
impossible for him to continue working at the DRC.

DRC has declined to comment on the case, which will be heard in December.

By Daniel Thomas






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