Disability charity launches campaign to end discrimination

the national disability organisation, has launched a campaign, ‘Time To Get
Equal’, calling for an end to discrimination against people with disabilities.

has also coined a new phrase ‘disablism’ to describe the discrimination.

campaign has the backing of Nelson Mandela, Cherie Booth and the main political
party leaders.

Manwaring, chief executive of Scope, said: “This campaign will put the issue of
disablism firmly on the public and political agenda. Disabled people in this
country lead lives which are blighted by poverty and exclusion and they are
much less likely than non-disabled people to be able to achieve their

banish this from our society and effect real and lasting change Scope will be
working in collaboration with other key organisations of disabled people,
business and government,” he said.

patron Cherie Booth said while much has been done to tackle discrimination and
oppression on the grounds of gender and race, society has barely started to
tackle the inequalities faced by disabled people.

sign a pledge to help stamp out disablism visit www.timetogetequal.org.uk

By Quentin Reade

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