Disciplined approach to legislation pays off

Employers say they are on top of the statutory grievance and disciplinary procedures which came into force in October 2004.

Cited as one of the top three organisational priorities in this year’s HR Prospects Survey of 107 organisations, published by IRS Employment Review, the findings show that most employers have got to grips with the legislation.

Nearly all the employers surveyed had written disciplinary and grievance procedures in place. Half said they had altered their grievance procedure, and nearly half (47%) said that they had changed their disciplinary procedure to comply with the requirements.

Relationships with a manager or colleague were found to be the most common factors behind grievance procedures, while performance and attendance were most likely to be the reasons for disciplinary action.

HR managers said they spent an estimated 10% of their time dealing with disciplinary and grievance cases.

The organisations surveyed had dealt with an average of seven grievance cases and 23 disciplinary cases in the past two years.

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