‘Do I detect hidden depths of integrity?’

With the growing number of corporate scandals such as WorldCom, Enron and
Andersen, staff integrity is increasingly in the spotlight. But a UK study of
15 of the largest financial services firms found just 13 per cent assessed the
integrity of staff at any level, including the board. This is despite 62 per
cent of chief investment officers admitting that ‘personal integrity’ was a
‘very important’ factor in 62 per cent of corporate scandals reviewed, and of
‘some importance’ in 29 per cent of cases. So, how much integrity do you have?
Roger Steare, a business ethics consultant, poses some moral dilemmas online at
www.personneltoday.com. The test will give you an integrity score, which
describes your level of moral maturity. And remember, there are no wrong answers,
just ones that reveal what a twisted individual you may be.

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