Doctors oppose end of permit-free training for overseas medics

More than six in 10 doctors are against the government’s decision to end permit-free training for overseas doctors.

Ministers insist that because of the increased number of doctors coming through the UK system, there is more competition for places, but doctors’ anger has boiled over at the sudden change in policy, according to the British Medical Association (BMA).

Respondents to a survey by BMA News magazine highlighted the fact that more than 1,000 immigrant criminals were not deported, but “doctors earning an honest living are being discriminated against”.

Others called the move “grossly unfair and discriminatory”, and said it should be challenged in court.

Radiologist Kwang Chin said doctors were not objecting to the need for the implementation of controls in an over-supplied labour market.

“We are objecting to the swiftness of the sweeping changes brought about with absolutely no warning,” he said. “The government is now showing how it rewards hard work – by kicking you out of the country and effectively finishing off your career.”

Almost all respondents (92%) said overseas doctors who have started their training in the UK should be able to complete it here.


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