Domestic violence injuries cost £2.7bn a year

Time off work due to injuries caused by domestic
violence is costing employers and workers a
round £2.7bn a year, according
to figures released today by the

The Cost of Domestic Violence report
professor Sylvia Walby at the University of Leeds, assesses
the damage
caused to the UK economy through time off
work due to injuries.

It estimates that around
half the costs of such absence is borne by the employer
, and half by the
individual in lost wages.

Home Office minister Baroness Scotland said
the impact of domestic violence went much f
urther than the victim.

"These findings strengthen the case we are
making for domestic violence to be on the agenda of every statutory agency and
private business, affecting as it does their customers and employees,” she said.

A full programme of the Government’s campaign
against domestic violence can be found at

Michael Millar





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