Drive launched to boost number of Special Constables

police forces will lead a drive to boost the number of Special Constables.

will be given £300,000 by the Government to help spread good practice.

Constables are volunteers with full police powers. They carry out a range of
police work under the supervision of regular officers. Specials give a few hours
each week, usually evenings and weekends.

Office Minister John Denham said the funding will support projects looking at
the best ways to attract new recruits, manage them effectively and boost the
overall numbers.

Specials, with full police powers, carry out an enormous range of duties and
are integral to our ongoing priority of fighting crime and the fear of
crime," he said.

findings will be used to offer advice and support to other police forces."

eight forces identified as Specials Champions are Merseyside, West Midlands,
Greater Manchester Police, Kent, Surrey, South Yorkshire, Norfolk and South

have been recognised for their work with Specials, or are leading the push for
good practice in key areas. The number of serving Specials at the end of March
was 11,598.

By Quentin Reade

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