Driver reinstatement ends threat of strike action on London Underground

threat of a strike on London Underground over the sacking of a union activist
was averted today after he was reinstated.

Munro, secretary of the London Regional Council of the RMT union, was dismissed
over allegations of intimidation on a picket line during a Tube strike in June.

appeal against the decision was heard today and he will now be reinstated after
winning his case.

RMT union official, was represented at the appeal by Bob Crow, the union’s
general secretary, who said: "It is quite clear that London Underground
had gone way over the top and our executive had been on standby to open a
ballot for strike action had this victimisation been allowed to stand."

a driver on the Bakerloo line, was reinstated just 41 hours after being sacked.

Underground said Munro had been given a final warning.

By Daniel Thomas






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