DTI’s approach is slammed by leader of EFSP

A leading employers’ body voiced its growing frustration this week at the Government’s poor track record in introducing changes to employment law.

The comments follow the introduction of union recognition rights without clear guidance being issued by the Department of Trade and Industry.

Writing this week’s Opinion column in Personnel Today, Robbie Gilbert, chief executive of the Employers’ Forum on Statute and Practice (EFSP), compares implementing the new rights with playing Twister blindfolded.

“The biggest change in employment law in a generation is has been introduced by the DTI without sufficient consultation or guidance,” he said.

EFSP, which represents over 120 employers, has been running a joint campaign with Personnel Today for better regulation.

Gilbert said that HR professionals are being treated like First World War infantry. “Taken for granted by out of touch politicians and staff officers who carelessly rely on their faithful service and never think to ask their opinion,” he said.

In a letter published this week, Janet Teece, personnel manager at Amadeus marketing, said, “We do our best to issue policies and procedures for all aspects of employment, but as always this has to be done in a rush because insufficient timely information is available. We try to be fair to the employees so they know their rights but also fair to the company.”

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