e-business in brief:search the specialist recruitment site

Recruitment company, Search, is rolling out the first of 13 specialist recruitment sites with www.searchcallcentre.co.uk for call centre staff, www.searchaccountancy.co.uk for the accountancy sector and www.searchit. co.uk for IT. Technical, law, sales, marketing, office services and manufacturing will follow, along with an executives’ site specialising in jobs paying £50,000 plus.


Far less costs than recruitment agencies

One month after its launch, the peoplevillage.com site claims it has signed up nearly 10 per cent of all IT consultants in the UK. One hundred and fifty companies which use IT professionals have also signed up. The site claims to match people to project for far less than traditional recruitment agencies, whose percentage can be as much as £15,000 per year for each contractor.


Internet Business Exhibition

The Internet Business Exhibition, from the magazine of the same name, takes place 5-6 December at Brighton’s Hilton Metropole Hotel. It is claiming to be the biggest e-business event in Europe. Information on the conference programme and workshops are updated daily on the web site.


Recruitment market share forecast

MyOyster.com is the on-line incarnation of headhunters Barkers Norman Broadbent. MyOyster plc anticipates a 12 per cent market share of the UK’s on-line and off-line recruitment markets by 2004.


On-line induction resource course

Interactive learning company Xebec McGraw-Hill, has introduced an on-line induction resource. The course, Induction and Essential Work, contains over six hours of learning content. It includes health and safety awareness, security policy and legislation, Financial Services Act and Equal Opportunities. A 250-user licence for the course costs £8 per user.


Financial backing for E-learning specialist

E-learning specialist Wide Learning has received £9m backing from JP Morgan Capital Corporation to create more e-learning courses and micro-learning content for use in the finance and business sectors and other customer-focused services.


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