e-business jargon buster

Cookie: A file from a site deposited on your computer which tells it you’ve visited it. When you visit that site again, it allows a shop to greet you by name when you log on. A cookie stores information you have submitted, such as your registration details. Some people are wary of cookies but you can get rid of them or refuse to accept them by going to “Cookies” in Preferences. If you want to find out more, go to www.cookiecentral.com

Encryption When information passed around the Web is encrypted it means it is encoded and cannot be read by anybody unless they can decode it. When a site uses a secure server, it means that information such as credit card and other personal details is encrypted when it is transmitted.


SSL A Secure Sockets Layer means that the site has a secure layer and information such as credit card details sent across the Web will be encrypted. A site will usually tell you that you are entering a secure zone. If a site is secure, a locked padlock will appear in the bottom left of your browser or the Web address will begin https://. Never shop at a site that isn’t secure and never be tempted to send credit card or other important personal information across e-mail because it isn’t encrypted.

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