E-HR cuts absence costs at Greene King

Pub chain Greene King plans to save £1m a year on the cost of staff
absenteeism through the introduction of e-HR technology.

The company is introducing a self-service facility on its intranet, which
will help employees and line managers maintain accurate personnel records.

Sharon Bailey, corporate HR manager for Greene King, said the move to e-HR
would save the company a huge amount on absenteeism because it will allow it to
keep track of trends and identify problems more effectively.

"We estimate that the increased effectiveness of reporting and
recording information and better use of management information will help us to
reduce our annual absence costs by £1m,"she said.

"Better tracking of problems and better identification where we have
issues means we can provide support much more quickly."

Greene King’s HR director John Roberts said the system would help his HR
team reduce the amount of time they currently spend on administration by as
much as 70 per cent.

The system will also help Greene King administer staff training more

The system, being developed with Snowdrop Systems, will initially be
available to 1,200 employees across head office and pub management and then be
ext-ended to the rest of the company’s 11,000 staff.

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