E-HR strategies take off despite the uncertainty

are introducing electronic HR (e-HR) strategies to improve communication
despite mixed reactions over their effectiveness.

three-quarters of employers polled by IRS Employment Review, say that the aim
of e-HR is to improve communication, while 60 per cent cite the reduction of
routine administration.

out of 10 say it was introduced because it is easy to use, while 38 per cent
claim it formed part of a wider business change programme. Cost savings is
cited as one of the reasons that 37 per cent of organisations implement e-HR.

52 employers questioned were allowed to make more than one response.

out of 10 firms’ e-HR is delivered through HR intranet pages, while two-thirds
use e-mail updates or newsletters.

of those polled say e-HR enables the profession to develop a more strategic
role, although the remaining quarter are sceptical of its success.

15 per cent of employers believe e-HR is very effective, with 8 per cent
feeling it is neither effective nor ineffective.

out of 10 firms believe e-HR is fairly effective, while 6 per cent claim that
it is fairly ineffective.  www.irsemploymentreview.com

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