E-learning for US sailors

A new e-learning system is set to save the US navy £14m ($20m) over the next
10 years.

From October, Thinq’s e-learning system will be installed on the navy’s
ships so that 1.2 million sailors can access training from land or sea.

Bill Dyas, branch head of distributive learning at the US navy, said the
e-learning system will reduce the travel costs of staff seeking training and
cut training time by 20 per cent.

Dyas said, "E-learning fits perfectly into the navy’s primary mission which
is to bring more knowledge to more sailors, faster and at less cost. We have a
mobile workforce and our challenge is to reach and train all of them."

Staff will be able to access most of the 3,860 naval training courses on the
intranet. The e-learning courses will consist of one-hour sessions that are
part of month-long modules on subjects ranging from leadership to IT skills.

The system will also be used to assess potential recruits. "This is the
perfect win-win HR situation," Dyas said. "Our raw materials will be
of a higher level bringing better knowledge and skills to the table at the
beginning. Better recruits will lead to a better product."

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