e-news in brief: Benefits calculation service from Zenith

Zenith Vehicle Contracts has introduced an on-line service which calculates whether it is more beneficial for an employee to take a company car or a cash option. The site is accessed by clicking on the “freedom” button.


First degree course offered on-line

The University of Liverpool, in conjunction with Dutch education specialist KIT elearning, has launched the first on-line degree in Europe. Time taken to complete the degree will be about 18 months to two years.


Job seekers audit for venture capitalists

The Human Audit is an initiative by recruitment sites Boldly-go and Careervitality to help venture capital companies and new media entrepreneurs assess the quality of their staff. The audit will carry out an in-depth background and personality assessment on job-seekers to ensure they have the right entrepreneurial spirit.

www.boldly-go.com www.careervitality.com

Labour and skills trends merge on-site

Datasphere is a web site linking three of the biggest government databases on learning and skills trends and the labour market. The aim is to provide business professionals and those in education and training easy access to facts and figures about skills and employment for planning and decision-making at various levels.


Training on the Net with A1 Learn

A1 Learn.com has introduced a range of 400 on-line training courses run over the Internet in real time, with ongoing assessment. The courses include Word, Excel, Lotus Notes and HTML (Hyper Text Mark-up Language), plus business development skills such as negotiating and time management. Six subscription plans are available.


Build an e-commerce site from scratch

IT skills trainer Hemsley Fraser has introduced what it claims to be the first comprehensive Internet training programme. Aimed at non-technical staff, Professional Web Developer covers topics such as how to build an e-commerce site from scratch. A series of top-up courses is also available for Web developers, network administrators and programmers.


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