Education is the way forward, claims think tank manifesto

The next
government has to raise the public’s aspirations by developing world-class
educational system and workplace learning capabilities, claims the Industrial
Society’s manifesto.

It is also
calling for the Government to foster a climate that creates and nurtures caring
employers that are as concerned about the means as they are the profits. The
manifesto, Making Work Better, wants a new Companies Act and improved
information and consultation rights to further this.

The new
government also needs to encourage workplaces that include rather than
discriminate across the range of issues, including age, gender, disability and
ethnic background. The manifesto calls for a Discrimination Commission which
acts as a watchdog for all acts of discrimination.

Hutton, chief executive of the Industrial Society, said, “The central issue of
work and the quality of work has failed to register on the radar screens during
this election campaign.

follows that work should be considered, alongside education, health, crime and
transport, as a key area we need to improve. In this election campaign it is
the invisible issue.”

By Mike Broad. Click here to respond

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