EEF study shows 50 per cent rise in employment tribunals

survey by manufacturers’ organisation EEF, has shown the number of employment
tribunal cases has increased by 50 per cent since 1998 – backing employers’
claims of a rising tide of litigation.

EEF also warned that the new dispute resolution procedures, due to be
introduced in October, will do little to ease the problem.

number of cases handled by the EEF last year on behalf of its members rose by 3
per cent to 2,206 cases, compared with 2,145 in 2002.

survey also shows that 27 per cent of claims were withdrawn by the applicant
for no financial or other return before reaching a hearing. Average settlements
and tribunal awards were just under £5,500.

Schofield, EEF director of employment and legal affairs, said: "The
message from these figures is that all parties must redouble their efforts to
ensure more disputes are resolved in the workplace."

By Mike Berry

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