EEF welcomes new EU noise level limits

Engineering Employers’ Federation has welcomed limits introduced to protect
employees from noise at work, to be adopted as part of a new EU directive.

European Parliament had threatened to impose limits in excess of those already
accepted by the Health & Safety Executive, but has now agreed a compromise
acceptable to UK employers.

EEF said that while it believes good health and safety practice is part of best
business practice, the original limits proposed would have been unrealistic
targets for many businesses.

Booton, head of Health and Safety at the EEF, said: "This is an acceptable
compromise between the need to properly protect employees and support
competitiveness. MEPs have listened to the concerns of manufacturing industry
and, on balance, we are likely to end up with a directive that is both challenging
yet realistic."

proposed limit value (87dB(A)) will take account of the protection provided by
ear-plugs and ear-muffs.

By Quentin Reade

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