Eight-day week for staff who take work worries home

Office staff are working an eight day week by worrying
about work while at home, according to a survey.

More than two thirds of employees who responded to the Office
Angel survey claim that they spend in excess of 20 hours a week, the equivalent
of an extra three days a week, thinking or talking about work.

Ninety-two per cent say that they worry about unresolved
working issues late into the evening.

Although fifty-four per cent believe that they think of
better ideas outside work hours.

Nearly a third of the employees questioned reveal that
work is always at the back of their mind, while over a quarter admit that they
consistently dream about work.

Twelve per cent of the 1,500 office employees and
employers questioned in Working to Live
or Living to
Work survey claim
they are able to switch off after work compared to sixty two per cent who say
that work often dominates conversations with friends and partners.


By Paul Nelson

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