Emergency measures for credit crunch job losses revealed

The government is preparing for huge job losses because of the economic crisis, with emergency plans revealed yesterday.

Speaking at a conference for Jobcentre Plus staff, work and pensions secretary James Purnell highlighted the concerns of employees who could face losing their jobs.

He said: “People want to know how they will cope if the worst happens and they lose their job. They want to know: how they will pay next month’s bills how to find another job whether they can get the training they need.”

Jobcentre Plus is preparing to support those who are out of work by offering them help with job searches, CV writing, childcare and interview techniques. Financial support for the unemployed has also been changed, with people able to claim repayments on mortgages of up to £175,000 after just 13 weeks on the dole, rather than 39.

Those facing potential unemployment because of the credit crunch can also learn new skills through the support package, and train in areas which could help them gain employment.

“We will do everything in our power to get people into work, whatever the economic conditions,” Purnell said.

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