Employers dodge difficult legislation

are finding ways to avoid legislation as they struggle to comply with
employment laws which are too difficult to understand and implement, research

survey of more than 6,000 employers by law firm Peninsula finds that 87 per
cent report that employment legislation is too difficult to follow, while only
27 per cent of those believe that they comply fully with all HR laws in place.

than 80 per cent of employers feel the chances of them being taken to
employment tribunal are high.

Done, managing director of Peninsula says employers cannot follow the laws
because they are too difficult and should be simplified.

simply cannot follow employment legislation because its so complex, there also
far too much of it and a balance needs to be sought of extending the rights of
workers and helping employers tackle new employment legislation. Further
employment laws were introduced last week looking at flexible working
conditions. More legislation is set to be introduced and there are a further 20
amendments or consideration changes that look set be brought in."

thinks the Government is now beginning to listen to what employers have to say
and is making an effort to provide employers with more time to implement

it sticks to what it promised by announcing legislation to be introduced at the
beginning of the year, then this would help," he said.

many employers feel [this is] too little too late. Conclusions drawn from the
survey show that employers feel the Government has not been business
friendly," he added.

main findings:

you think Employment legislation in the UK is too difficult to follow?

87 per cent
No: 13 per cent

of the complexities of employment law can you be positive that you comply with
all aspects of employment law?

I am positive I comply fully with HR laws: 27 per cent
No there are times when it is so complex that I know I am unable to comply
fully: 73 per cent

you feel that it is necessary to have so many employment laws in the UK?

it is essential: 13 per cent
No there is too much employment legislation in place: 87 per cent

you at any time in the past taken a short cut to avoid red tape associated with
a particular HR situation?

I have in the past taken short cuts to save time: 72 per cent
No, not that I am aware of: 28 per cent

the Government added too much burden in the form of ‘red tape’ paperwork on
businesses in the UK

94 percent
No: 6 per cent

you believe it is time to cut the amount of red tape imposed on UK employers?

93 per cent
No: 7 per cent

at all the HR procedures in place and your in-house policies, what are the
chances, of you ever being taken to employment tribunal?

feel chances are high that I will be taken to employment tribunal as there are
so many opportunities for employees to take me to tribunal: 82 per cent
No I am confident that I will not be taken to tribunal because of policies in
place: 18 per cent

you think there will be a reduction in the amount of employment red tape
imposed on business in the future? Do you feel the situation will get better?

12 per cent
No: 88 per cent

you think the Government is (or has been) business friendly?

Yes:     44 per cent
No:      56 per cent

the Government be doing more to reduce the raft of employment laws being
introduced from Europe?

82 per cent
No: 18 per cent

you feel the Government listen to the concerns of employers?

29 per cent
No: 71 per cent

you aware of the forthcoming changes in employment law for the year ahead?

I am aware:           19 per cent      
No I am not aware:       81 per cent

By Ben Willmott

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