Employers still contributing to company pension schemes

all employers still make contributions to company pension schemes, despite
widespread negative publicity about schemes being closed.

CIPD survey out today shows that 95 per cent of firms still make company
pension scheme contributions.

poll of 500 HR professionals also shows that more companies plan to increase
their contributions than close pension schemes this year.

majority of firms report recruitment and retention difficulties. Despite this,
12 per cent are failing to include staff input while determining reward
strategies. More than a third do not involve line managers in reward planning.

Brown, CIPD assistant director-general, said: "The effectiveness of reward
strategies in the UK is questionable when organisations are failing to consult
with the very staff they wish to recruit and retain.

involvement and communication are inextricably linked to trust, which is
critical to the delivery of reward strategies in practice.

report also shows that only one-fifth of organisations have carried out equal
pay audits. This is alarming, given that the Government opted not to force
private sector organisations to carry out equal pay audits; especially when
such an overwhelming majority (89 per cent) favour a voluntary approach."

By Paul Nelson

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