Employment Law Checklists, 3rd edition

When I picked up Employment Law Checklists, I thought it was going to be a very dull read. I was wrong.

Employment Law Checklists, 3rd edition

Julia Palca and Catherine Taylor
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199265046
Price: from £14.75.
Review by Ian Foster, strategic HR adviser, Hampshire County Council

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It is a helpful series of checks and processes, and makes a useful addition to the standard and more lengthy tomes available. At 321 pages, it covers almost all employment law in a readily accessible format, giving summaries of the relevant law for each topic, followed by a series of ‘to do’ lists.

There will not be much here that will be news to the up-to-date HR professional, but it is particularly handy to have a series of checklists gathered together in one place, including, for example, how a tribunal goes about calculating an award. It is all here, divided into themes and extensively cross-referenced.

Inevitably, such a concise volume leaves some questions unanswered, and there were times when I wished it had covered certain aspects in more detail. However, this is not a significant flaw, and its breadth and depth is generally satisfactory, given its purpose.

The major difficulty with this book is one that besets all such guides produced in book form – it cannot be easily updated, and, given the regularly changing nature of employment law, it will quickly become out of date.

That said, however, this is one of the few books that I have reviewed that will make it on to my bookshelf at work.

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