Equal pay gap extends to pensions

pensioners are living on less than 60 per cent of the average income of male
senior citizens, according to a new study by the Transport and General Workers’
Union (T&G).

research shows women pensioners in England, Scotland and Wales have an average
weekly income of £100, compared with an average of £169 for men.

inequality in England is the most pronounced, with women receiving an average
of just £97 a week, 57 per cent of men’s income. In Scotland and Wales, women
pensioners receive 68 per cent and 69 per cent of men’s levels respectively.

Holland, T&G national organiser for women, race and equalities, said:
"It is scandalous that after a lifetime of hard work and caring for
families, many older women have to live on a pittance when they should be
enjoying a dignified and well-earned retirement."

said she hoped the figures would shock the Government into action and make
closing the pensions gap a priority.

By Michael Millar

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